Pink metrobus request from Young Memur-Sen

Request for pink metrobus from Genç Memur-Sen: Genç Memur Sen İstanbul Branch called the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to assign a special pink metrobus to the ladies.

In Istanbul, which is increasingly crowded by migration every day, as a negative result of this crowding, there may be serious congestion in public transport and unwanted events as a result of this congestion. People crush each other, they cannot get off at the stop they want to get off, they have to travel by stacking. This picture mostly affects women with gentle and naive fit and causes victimization.

In order to stop this bad trend, Young Officer Sen Istanbul Branch called the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to work for a private pink metrobus and launched a campaign.


Young Officer-Sen Istanbul Provincial President Mustafa Yılmaz, who made statements to regarding the issue, said:

“Living in a big metropolis like Istanbul has many different challenges. Transportation is one of them. Especially in the early hours of the morning and after work in the evening, there is a high concentration of roads. Our people travel in a row in public transportation, so to speak. The most negatively affected ones are our sisters and brothers. Therefore, we expect a positive response from our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to our request. Our goal is to be a ladder to the relief of a victim. ”


  • Women will be able to travel with normal or pink metrobus.
  • They will find a more peaceful journey late in the facilities.
  • Pregnant women and older women will travel more comfortably.
  • Pink metrobus with the negativity of the trip will be removed.

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