New Member of DTD SIEMENS A.Ş.

New Member of DTD SIEMENS A.Ş. : DTD is getting stronger and stronger with its new members. At the DTD Board Meeting held on November 26, 2015, the membership application of SIEMENS A.Ş. was evaluated and accepted.

As a one-stop solution provider and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise required for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transport. It has a balanced and comprehensive approach for all types of rail transport in areas ranging from public transport to mainline services for passenger and freight transport. Reliability, safety, attraction and efficiency that increase passenger preference are the highest priorities that benefit business organizations and the environment.

Energy-saving Siemens trains are already linking the industrial areas of Germany and China, as they advance through the scorching heat of Spain and the freezing cold of Russia. Siemens is working to provide the fastest train that can be produced from hard-working suburban trains to the mobility needed by economies in every corner of the world.

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