High-speed rail networks converge with Cukurova Southeast

High-speed train network with Southeast converges with Cukurova Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by "Akçagöz to-Mills Diversion Project" will be established distance transport between the high-speed train network with the Çukurova region with the Southeastern Anatolia Region will be shortened.

According to the information received from TCDD officials, the works within the scope of the project, which was delivered on September 6, 2013, are continuing.

The project, which is expected to be completed in 180 with the investment of 2017 million pounds, will strengthen the relations between the two regions, especially those with strong industrial and commercial networks. The 27 line is planned to be renewed by the high-speed train which can reach the 120 speedometer.

The 5,2 tunnel is being constructed on the 2 kilometer. The first of these tunnels, one thousand thousand meters long, was completed and the tunnel was opened. The 820 meter section of the second tunnel of the 3 bin 428 meter was completed and the work on the remaining parts is being continued rapidly.

Production of 4 culverts and 1 bridges in the project was completed. Although the 27 is within a kilometer, the 45 will be reduced to approximately 13 per minute.

  • Will be finished earlier than expected

The contractor firm's director Salih Akçadağ told AA correspondent that the work on the project has been difficult due to difficult terrain. Despite this, Akçadağ explains that the works can be completed earlier than the targeted period. I hope we will finish our work in a shorter time than expected if there is no setback ”.

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