Terrorist Alarm in Brussels Continues

Terrorist Alarm Continues in Brussels: While the highest terrorist threat alarm continues in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, police reportedly carried out at least two operations in the city where life stopped.

The “near terrorist threat” alarm continues in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. While the terrorist threat level was raised to 4, life was stopped in the city, and the alarm level was not changed in the evaluation made.

As the measures were taken the day before, after the alarm level was raised, some tram lines could not be used with the subways. Museums, shopping centers, cinemas, theaters, most shops, restaurants and cafes in the city center were closed. It was seen that there were very few people on the historic Grand Place square known for its tourist intensity, and patrols of armed soldiers and police officers.

A derelict package at the central train station caused panic. No explosives were found in the examination conducted in the area where the safety circle was taken.

Brussels's Schaerbeek Mayor Bernard Clerfayt said that the capital is still facing a major threat, "There are 2 terrorists in the Brussels region that can take very dangerous actions." One of them is claimed to be Salah Abdeslam, who was reported to have passed to Belgium after the Paris attacks.

Salah Abdeslam's brother, Mohammed Abdeslam, who is sought everywhere for alleged involvement in the Paris attacks, said in his statement to the French-language public television (RTBF), asking his brother to surrender, "I would rather see him in prison instead of the grave."

Fear of similar attacks in Paris

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the decision to raise the terrorist threat to the highest level of 4 was made because of "there are concrete indications in Brussels that there could be an attack similar to that in Paris".

Meanwhile, Michel announced that the highest level of terrorist threat announced Saturday will be valid on Monday.

“The police are running at least two operations”

On the other hand, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where the “near terrorist threat alert” continues, the police are carrying out at least two operations.

In the evening, the police shut down some of the roads leading to the Grand Place square in the city center and asked the citizens not to come near the square. Security measures were taken at at least two hotels near the square, customers were warned not to go out.

The Belgian media announced that at least two operations had been carried out, while the Belgian federal police demanded that the public and the media continue their operations and the police should not share or report on the social media. Some Belgian media organizations will comply with this request, announced that they will not do details until the end of operations announced.

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