3. Half of the bridge deck assembly is completed

  1. Half of the bridge deck assembly is completed: Half of the steel deck assembly processes are over at Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will connect the two sides of Istanbul for the third time.

Assembly and welding of 13 of 59 floors have been completed with the 29th deck to be placed on the Anatolian side of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

Half of the steel deck assembly was completed with the installation and welding of the 923 from the 59 steel deck, the 29 of the heaviest in the bridge.

On the other hand, with the installation of steel decks, one of the two systems that will carry the bridge, the 108 of the oblique suspension ropes was assembled and the 3 thousand kilometer cable was drawn on the bridge. In this context, for the main cable, which was started after the construction of the cat paths, 13 main cable, which is 2 tons in total, continues simultaneously for both the European and Asian sides. The main cable draw, which is one of the two systems that will carry the bridge together with the skewed suspension ropes, will take about two months.


Two-way 8 lane highway and 2 lane rail will cross the bridge. The steel decks, which were previously landed and then taken to the bridge level with cranes, were taken from the sea by the cranes called fir Derrick Crane yöntem. Huge cranes have a capacity of up to a thousand tons.


Steel parts produced in South Korea; Combined in Tuzla, Gebze and Altınova facilities, they are loaded and mounted by sea after being loaded on board.



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