Minibus Trips Started from Aliağa İZBAN Station to ALOSBİ

Minibus Trips Started From Aliağa İZBAN Station to ALOSBİ: The transportation problem from Aliağa İZBAN Station to Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ) was solved.

SS Aliağa Minibuses and Carriers Cooperative, which took action with the Aliağa Chamber of Drivers and Carriers upon the high demand from the citizens, started to serve by opening a new route from Aliağa İZBAN Station to the Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ).

Announcing the launched minibus services on the official website of ALOSBİ, the officials stated that there will be 3 times a day on the İZBAN Station-ALOSBİ route in the morning, noon and evening and that the trips can be increased in line with the need.

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