Unfinished Escape Ramp

The Unfinished Escape Ramp Continues to Come to Life: The truck whose brake was released before the completion of the Emergency Escape Ramp, which was awarded about a year ago, on the 2 + 22 km of the Muğla-Marmaris Highway, which was shown as a black point in the highway network by the Highways 600nd Regional Directorate, took another life.
The construction of the 'Emergency Escape Ramp', which started 200 meters from the Akyaka junction of the Muğla-Marmaris highway Sakartepe ramp, has been continuing for months. The fact that the construction of the escape ramp, which is about 100-150 meters in length, has not been completed despite months of work, draws the reaction of the citizens.
Citizens, who stated that if the escape ramp of the truck, whose brake was released in close proximity to the escape ramp, while descending from the Sakartepe ramp with the truck loaded with watermelon wrapped in İzmir the day before, was completed, the citizen who lost his life in the accident would be alive.KazanThe place where the incident occurred is shown as a black spot in the Highways network. A good work was started last year to prevent accidents and kazanThe construction of the 'Emergency Escape Ramp' started just above the bend where the . But the 100-150 meters long ramp could not be finished for months. If this ramp had been completed, our citizen named Ömer Çalmaz would be alive right now,” they said.

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