Summer Holiday Coming, Istanbul Traffic What Will Be

Summer Holiday is Coming, Istanbul Traffic What Will Happen: 12 June Friday will start the school holiday not only students, Istanbul traffic is looking forward. According to the “Istanbul Traffic Authority” study, the traffic becomes more calm in the summer months in TEM. Decreasing traffic brings down the bill, while Istanbul saves 5 Million TL in E18 in two months, while this figure reaches even higher levels in TEM.

The Trafik Istanbul Traffic Authority ”study conducted by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School and Başarsoft every three months analyzes the unsolved Istanbul traffic. Determining the levels of congestion in the main arteries in Istanbul and the differences between the periods, the study evaluates Istanbul through three corridors corresponding to the 112 route. These three corridors, the Main Corridor, the East-West Transfer Corridor and the West-East Transfer Corridor, account for 84% of Istanbul traffic statistically. This study, which sets off from these corridors, also clarifies the most anticipated expectation of Istanbul traffic, “traffic relaxes when school is on holiday”.

Summer Holidays Breathe TEM Traffic More Than E5
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Serkan Gursoy, summer holidays in Istanbul, especially the TEM Motorway traffic is breathing, he says. To evaluate the winter and summer traffic periods 2013 October-November-December and 2014 July-August-September quarters comparing the Gürsoy said, “In the morning in the direction of an Istanbul-European driver E5 20 minutes per hour, TEM on the hour per hour 35 minutes TEM losing. Of course, this loss decreases with the summer months. In E5, 18 drops to the minute before the hour and even to 15 per hour during the holiday. Although it does not seem to be a serious improvement, it is also an important achievement to achieve this improvement awareness in such a big city. ”

Indicating that a driver moving in the Anatolian-European direction in the morning on the TEM Motorway corresponds to a busier traffic than E-5, Gürsoy said, bir A driver in TEM expects an extra 5 minute per hour. In summer, this wait goes down to 14 minutes. The summer months have a positive impact on TEM density rather than on E-34 traffic. The driver in the city prefers E18 more. ”

Kurtuluş is at TEM during the European-Anatolian Transitions
In the same quarters, the evaluation of evening traffic in Europe-Anatolia transitions Asst. Associate Professor. Serkan Gürsoy said, bir While a driver passing from Europe to Anatolia in E5 in winter lost 14 minutes per hour in the morning, this lost time increases to 22 minutes per hour in the evening. In the summer the same driver loses 9 minutes per hour in the mornings, while lost time goes up to 19 minutes per hour in the evening. The loss of time at E5 is not much different in summer and winter. ”

Gürsoy said, “In TEM, drivers lose 35 minutes per hour in the morning and 41 minutes per hour in the winter during Euro-Anatolian transitions. In the summer the lost time is rising from the morning 17 minute to the evening 22 minute. Compared to E5, the traffic on TEM is higher than the summer and winter. In summer, the difference between winter and summer is only 5 minutes on the E-6, while this time on the TEM reaches 21 minutes. The conclusion is that summer evenings are more effective for TEM traffic. ”

Holidaymakers Take Down Traffic Bills in Istanbul
Stating that the daily bill of the city for the traffic density in the morning hours in the winter months is approximately 5 million 1 thousand TL based on the E-290, while this bill decreases to 975.000 TL per day in the summer months, Gürsoy said, “The damage caused by the traffic density in the summer months is reduced by 314 thousand TL per day. . In the evening this kazanIn the Euro-Anatolian direction, the value rises to 423 thousand TL. Considering that these rates can be maintained for about 2 months, we can say that the urbanites who leave the city or do not enter the traffic in July and August reduce the traffic-related damage of Istanbul by 5 million TL in total for the E-18.

Gürsoy said that the savings increased even more based on TEM values. Baz If the people of Istanbul were traveling only in TEM, the city would have lost approximately TL 1 million less daily. Gür When the same situation is said for the evening hours it emerges as 1 million 168 thousand. If Istanbul is only TEM, the difference between summer and winter would be about 1 million TL in favor of summer, while the difference between morning and evening would have caused less 168 thousand TL less damage to Istanbul in the evening.

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