Tram Time in Samsunda Changed, Here is the Summer Tariff

Tram times in Sams changed, here is the Summer Tariff: Samulaş Inc., the beginning of the summer period, the closure of schools and the beginning of Ramadan in line with the changing transportation demands in the tram and express lines 18 June 2015 will start to implement the summer schedule as of Thursday.

The 18 5 will begin to move on the 23.45 every minute during the peak hours from Thursday to Thursday. In addition, 00.00, which will be in XNUMX, will be the last tram in the winter time.

From 18 June 2015, E1 express buses operating between Ondokuz Mayıs University and the City Councils will be moving between 10 and VNUMX. E1 has changed the 23.00 express bus to 23.30.

In addition, the operation of E2 express buses between Taflan and Municipalities operated by private public buses will be carried out jointly by the Samulaş and private public buses and will be exchanged between 07.00-22.00 and 30 at intervals of time.

In the ring, no time and route changes were made. Tram, express and ring for the detailed schedules of the tram newspaper or the official website of Samulaş Inc. ' is'can reach the specified.

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