Akçaray line's tracks are expected

Akçaray railway tracks are expected: Kocaeli tram line to start the railway line Akçaray'ın thousand 146 pieces of corrugated rail is expected to come to Kocaeli.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's most economical, fast, safe and comfortable way to travel in order to carry the tram line Akçaray'ın to be completed in Poland is expected to arrive in Kocaeli. The team, consisting of expert personnel of the Directorate of Rail Systems, visited the factory where the rails were produced. After the inspection of the team, the rails are expected to reach Kocaeli in the coming days.

The foundation of the giant project, which will produce 28 thousand 800 meter length and one thousand 977 tons of corrugated rail, was laid in October next to the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal. Akçaray will take the road between Otogar and Sekapark after the completion of the works. One thousand 12 of the rails were completed at the factory in Poland and departed. The rest of the tracks will continue to come in parties. The team from Kocaeli to the factory in Poland also examined the production of sub-wheel lathes.

In the project between Sekapark and Otogar, where there will be a dream for the city, 11 stations and 7,2 km length, the works in the storage area and route area are continuing. 30 thousand square meter section will be used as warehouse area, which will be used for parking, maintenance and repair of tram cars, control center and administrative offices for the operation of the line.

Within the scope of the project, a total of 340 thousand cubic meters of excavation and 213 thousand cubic meters will be filled with material of various qualities for the infrastructure, structure foundations and road manufacturing. Approximately 12,5 km long road production, 15 bin 921,60 tone binder, 10 thousand 768 tons of wear, 33 thousand 500 cubic meters Granular base, 48 thousand 520 tons plentmiks basic series will be performed. 57 thousand cubic meters of ready mixed concrete pouring and 3 thousand 200 tons of ribbed steel reinforcements and pavements for use in pavements and landscaping. 24 will be implemented in the production of square meters of concrete and 24 thousand meters curbstone.

28 thousand 800 meter length and one thousand 977 tons of corrugated rail will be produced along the tram line while 46 thousand rail fasteners will be installed. 24 pieces of scissor production, horizontal and vertical traffic marking will be established. 6 12 KWA CER transformer will be installed in 1500 transformer substation in order to feed the kataner system of the tram line. In addition, 5 250 kWA and 2 1000 kWA internal need transformer will be installed in order to meet the energy requirements for station buildings, warehouse area, road lighting and traffic signaling.

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