Design of Izmir's Trams

izmir tramway
izmir tramway

The design of the trams of Izmir was determined: The Metropolitan Municipality determined the exterior and interior design of the tramways of Izmir. In the design, the theme of the sea city Izmir came forward.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the railway laying works of Karşıyaka-Konak tram projects prepared for the purpose of breathing the urban traffic on Caher Dudayev Boulevard, determined the exterior and interior design of the trams. Accordingly, the exterior and interior of the vehicle was the sea city of Izmir and the shades of blue and turquoise were used. The design of the sunny atmosphere of the city's vibrant and cheerful structure came forward. It was aimed to create an image where the tram was going to fluctuate slowly as it passed. In the interior design, the coastal and sea air elements were prominent.

Handles and handles were placed where they could easily be reached so that the passengers could be held securely. Wheelchair users, heavy luggage or strollers with vehicles such as cars to meet the specific needs of citizens who are allocated multi-purpose areas. Trams under construction will have a train control and monitoring unit, passenger information system, LCD screens, active route map, camera, image and voice recorder.

Modern and comfortable

The design of the trolley vehicles, which have been completed by the completion of the design works, is carried out in 32 meter length and 285 passenger carrying capacity. According to the feasibility studies carried out in Konak line daily 95 thousand people, Karsiyaka line will be moved to 87 thousand people.

390 million TL giant investment

A total of 12.7 vehicles will be operating on the 19 kilometer and 9.87 stop Konak Tramway with 15 stops and 38 kilometers long and 2017 stops on the Karşıyaka tram line. The project planned to be commissioned at the end of 390 will cost XNUMX million liras.


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