The cable car from home, subway to the lottery

From the house to the cable car, subway to the lottery: from home to the metro ropeway to the lottery: Constitutional Court, the subway from the bottom of the house or the citizens of the cable car to pay the expropriation arrangement has canceled.

The Constitutional Court revised many articles of the law on the law on labor law and some laws. With the decision to cancel the application of the CHP, metro, cable car, light rail, such as investments due to investments in the state will have to pay the citizen to expropriation.

In order to reduce investment costs, the government added to the law a clause on the sub-metro and similar rail system, the roving, or the citizens of the bridge, to pay for the expropriation, compensation or non-payment of wages under other names. The government, in the justification of this regulation, stated that the real estate owners did not use these areas and even increased the value of their homes. However, the Constitutional Court annulled the matter by stating that the possible grievances of the beneficiaries of such an arrangement could not be eliminated and the burden implied only to the real estate owners. With the new decision, both the houses will be valued by the ones passing under the house and they will get compensation or expropriation prices.

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