Ceyhanda Asphalt Works Started

Ceyhanda Asphalt Works Started: Ceyhan Municipality initiated summer asphalt works.
Ceyhan Mayor Alemdar Alemdar Ozturk, initiated by the Directorate of Science Affairs Namık Kemal District and Istiklal neighborhoods will continue to work until the end of the season, he said.
Mayor Alemdar Öztürk said, “We started our summer term asphalt works. Our teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs started to pour asphalt in Namık Kemal and in our Independence Neighborhoods. We will continue to pour asphalt in the needed areas within the program, starting from the busiest regions. In addition, our key parquet road works continue. "We will work day and night with our teams to save our citizens from dusty and rough roads in the regions that fall under our responsibility."
Citizens experiencing the joy of getting rid of the pit and dusty roads have expressed their satisfaction to Alemdar Öztürk, the Mayor who examined the asphalt works on site.



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