TCDD to Invest in 40 Million Pounds

TCDD will invest an investment of 40 Million in TL: TCDD 3 which provides information about investments in Aydın. N Our project number in Aydın is 10. Four of them are completed, five projects are going on, one project is waiting for the Ministry of Development. Bun
Noting that the amount of the projects they carried out in Aydın was 40 million 326 thousand TL and the expenditure made in the previous years was 8 million 198 thousand TL, Regional Manager Bakır said, “The allowance for Aydın in 2014 was 23 million 98 thousand TL. End-of-period expenditure is 19 million 621 TL, monetary realization is 85 percent, and physical realization is 85 percent. The studies for watering between Aydın and Umurlu have been completed. The logistics center has been put into service in İmamköy. Application project tenders were made within the scope of Selçuk-Aydın double line project. 53 km. In this route, the under and overpasses and all the level crossings are eliminated and the projects related to the planning of the upper and lower crossings are continuing. The company will present the project to our institution in April 2015. With this project, a tunnel of 23 thousand 8 meters will be constructed for the slopes of 365 per thousand between Selçuk and Çamlık, thus the slopes will be reduced to 7 per thousand. On the same route, 300 handles under a radius of 21 meters will be adapted to larger handles, increasing comfort and speed. Likewise, within the scope of Aydın-Denizli double line project, 130 km of application projects will be completed by June 2015. The main target in these projects is to be electrical and signaled. said.
Murat Bakır, who also made a statement about the works on the railway route, said: için Since the lower and upper gates are planned, it is planned to completely eliminate level crossings. Complete renovation of the station roads between Çamlık, Ortaklar, Söke, Germencik, İncirliova and Aydın has been completed. The restoration works of the housing complex in Nazilli have been completed and submitted to the board. Construction of the monuments will be started. The work of the Aydın Power Station building continues and the 85 is completed. The project will be completed in April. Kuyucak Station project has also been provisionally accepted. Kuy
Explaining that their projects under the Ministry of Development are Aydın logistics center, TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Bakır said, “This project has been planned with everything, it has only been renovated due to the entrance and exit arrangement in the highways. Apart from that, an appropriation request was made. In case of payment, the investment will be made. Within the scope of establishing local signaling system at stations and stations in the Germencik-Denizli line section, we have a project about transferring the switch position information to trains with light system at 10 stations. This is a project carried out in partnership with TÜBİTAK. Currently, the block between Buharkent and Horsunlu has been completed and accepted, it is available. This system will be implemented with approximately 20 thousand meters of cable replacement covering the legs of Germencik, İncirliova, Köşk, Sultanhisar, Atça and Kuyucak stations. " used the expressions.


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