İZBAN's Aliağa Station flooded subway

The underpass of the Aliağa Station flooded İZBAN: Due to the heavy rainfall that started in Aliağa on the last day and which affected the life negatively, one of the underpasses that flooded the entrance and exit of İZBAN at Aliağa Station flooded.
Aliağa İZBAN Station's undercarriage underpasses have already been raised. Two days of heavy rainfall, which is effective in the operation of these passages once again led to questioning. Yesterday evening, one of the entry tunnels of the Aliağa İZBAN station was filled with rain water. Passengers had to enter and exit from a single section. Therefore, long queues occurred at the entrances during the full work exit time. The same landscape was experienced during the morning hours due to the ongoing rainfall. Aliağa İZBAN Station, where two underpasses and entrances were provided, was canceled due to floods in the tunnel.
For this reason, while the intensity experienced by the citizens gathered, Aliağa İZBAN Station at the same time the lower passages and resembled an abandoned image was said to resemble. Stating that they are uncomfortable because of such problems in heavy rain in addition to the uncaring view of the station, the passengers said, yaşan We want the authorities to deal with this station. Their care needs to be done as soon as possible. In summer, people come here to make a holiday. Will Aliaga meet his holidaymakers with this station? Tails are also formed when dropped to a single entrance in every heavy rain. Authorities need to do a maintenance and repair work here as soon as possible Yet.




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