German Railways increase camera control in stations

German Railways are increasing the frequency of camera surveillance at the stations: German Railways (WB) will further tighten the surveillance and surveillance of video cameras at the Mannheim and Stuttgart train stations. In 2015, a new camera system will be installed in Mannheim and Bremen.
Camera systems in Hamburg and Nuremberg stations will be renewed. These stations will follow stations in Stuttgart, Essen, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund.
The establishment of a camera control system for the stations and the tightening of the audit is due to criminal events and possible terrorist attacks.
The 10 city, where stations with camera control systems will be installed or renewed, is one of the most prominent cities in terms of criminal incidents and terrorist attacks.
Jörg Radek, Vice President of the Police Union on the issue, drew attention to the importance of investments and improvements related to security at the stations.
The objections that had been raised in previous years were contrary to the protection of personal rights. In the surveys conducted with tighter camera control, a large majority of citizens find control.
Especially in big cities, the number of citizens who have increased the number of criminal incidents in recent years, the city of buses, S-bahn and trams after the camera control system showed the example of unwanted landscapes.
It is also noted that those who are wanted by the police can be found much faster and easier.
As for the budget required for the installation and renewal of the camera system, no explanation has been given yet. The video surveillance system is still in Berlin-Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

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