İZBANda They took action for the security officer

On İZBAN, they took action against the security guard who was dismissed: A private security officer, Mustafa Özgüç, who works in İzmir Banliyö Sistemi A.Ş. The group laid a black wreath in front of the Metropolitan Municipality service building after making a press statement in Konak Square.

Serving in partnership with TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN's sub-employer Öztaşlar Güv. Blind. Speed. Ltd. Workplace representative of the Security and Defense Workers Union, Mustafa Özgüç, who worked as a private security officer affiliated to Şti., Was fired a while ago. Approximately 150 union members who reacted against this came together today in Konak Square. The press statement on behalf of the group that shouted "Our union rights cannot be prevented", "We are workers we are right, we will win", "Security workers are not slaves" was made by Bolat Ankara, the chairman of the union. Expressing the difficulties in working conditions, President Ankaralı claimed that 16 minutes were prepared and unlawfully dismissed in just two days about Özgüç and said, “Those who keep the bridle full of arbitrariness in violation of trade union rights, those who can be cut more royalist than the king should know well that they will be asked to account for this.

Mustafa Özgüç was fired because he wanted to benefit his friends from the collective agreement, demanded the implementation of occupational health and safety rules, shouted that private security guards could not be employed outside of their jobs, and reacted to waiting for about 7 hours and 30 minutes standing without sitting. We invite TCDD General Manager and Izmir Metropolitan Mayor to the task. We want this unlawful dismissal to be stopped as soon as possible, ”he said. After the announcement, Mustafa Özgüç and union members laid a black wreath in front of the Metropolitan Municipality service building and the action ended.

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