General Manager of Highways Turan Vlakovo-Tarçin highway in Bosnia Herzegovina for opening

📩 24/12/2018 16:44

Director General of Highways Turan Vlakovo-for cinnamon motorway opening in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Director General of Highways Cahit Turan, the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday, Turkey lost their lives in general in 4 people traffic accidents, said that it was a figure below average.
Turan answered the questions of the AA reporter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he came for the opening of the Vlakovo-Tarçin highway, the construction of which was completed by Cengiz İnşaat. In Turkey, the daily average of 10 people lost their lives in traffic that expresses Turan, compared with the previous year reduced the number of fatal accidents, he said.
Turan said that the road infrastructure made in the country made the travels of the citizens safer and in this context, they made great progress compared to the previous years.
Director General of Highways Turan, the last 12 years in Turkey, 17 thousand 500 kilometer road, 120 kilometers of tunnels, close to 4 thousand kilometers, said the bridge is done.
Turan pointed out that all of these works were carried out by Turkish contractors, he said:
"Turkey in recent years, especially in road transport projects and has made a major breakthrough in our contractors are employing now the whole world the experience gained in these projects. They do successful work and can compete. We have trained manpower, we have trained technical team, we have technology. Our engineers and contractors have the opportunity to apply these experiences all over the world, representing our country abroad and transferring resources to our country. The construction industry is very important to us. ”
Turan, expressing the importance of highways for the country's economy, said:
“74 provinces of our country were connected by high standard roads. The physical and geometric standards of the roads were high. These allowed, above all, people who took advantage of these roads to travel safely. We offered a high quality transportation service. The transportation infrastructure also forms the basis of other sectors of the country and makes very important contributions to their development, especially in balanced development. This has also happened in our country. It will become more widespread from now on. ”

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