Be the judge of roads with Traffic Events feature of Yandex.

Yandex.Navigation's Traffic Events feature to make the road with the judge: Yandex who make a difference with the applications that make life easier, Yandex.Navigasyon application to help more users who spend hours in traffic added a new feature. Thanks to the le Traffic Events ğ feature added to the application, users no longer only learn the traffic density; traffic accidents that affect the general traffic situation, road works, defective traffic lights, left open manhole covers and many more can be aware of the variable.
Yandex's popular application yandex.navigasyo's facilities in Turkey that enables the user to focus on developing updated. With the newly added harita Traffic Events ları feature, users can mark all events on the road with special icons on the map. These warning icons, which are added to road routes, can be seen in real time by other Yandex users. Users can also add comments to the map with the speech bubble icon. Thanks to the comments added, all users can access the most up-to-date information about the specified traffic incident.
To see all göre Traffic Events Harita on the map; Yandex.In the ”Settings olay section of the navigation screen, it is enough to activate the icons of the events such as çalış Accident Y and aza Road works Y. is happening.
Detailed information about Yandex.Navigation with iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions isYou can get it from.


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