BTS: Level crossing accident not murder

BTS: Level crossing the accident, not a murder. Union of Transport Workers (BTS), Adana-Mersin crossing the passenger train at the crossing between the workers carrying the van 10 people lost their lives, while the 4 injured in the person, recalling the accident, not murder, he said.
In the statement made by BTS, it was noted that the privatization works carried out under the name of restructuring invite fatal accidents. experienced kazanIn the statement, it was stated that the Mersin-Adana railway line, where the railway line is located, is 68 kilometers and there are a total of 31 level crossings on this line, and the following statements were included:
“The speed of trains running between Adana and Mersin is 120 kilometers / hour. This means that each train passes 1 level crossing every 1 minute on average. Takayudat can not be applied to such a line where the speed of the trains is determined. Such serious accidents are constantly occurring in the railway line section between Adana and Mersin. However, it has been observed that TCDD management has not taken any serious steps to prevent such accidents.
In order to prevent such accidents, all the passages that operate with automatic barrier as they are now available should be constructed as an underpass or an overpass so as to break their relationship with the railway. In cases where it is impossible to construct an underpass or an overpass, the passages should be transformed into a level crossing with a guard barrier. In addition, the signaling project under construction should be revised and it should be made as an underpass or an overpass so as to give up the automatic barrier level crossings in the project and disconnect all of them from the railway. Here, we state once again that although the number of level crossings decreased by the decision taken by the TCDD management, it is inadequate. ”


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