Artificial Synthetic Grass Skiing

Artificial Synthetic Lawn Ski Pleasure: Artificial synthetic ski slopes built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality started training.

Erik opened by the city in the forest and foreign trainers in Turkey's largest ski resort, being the synthetic serves. In the center where there are 10 tracks of 165 and 200 meters on an area of ​​2 thousand square meters, there is also a 35-meter training and tubing track.

Erik Ski Center Chairman Bülent Özkeçeci, said in a statement, thanks to the facility 12 moon skiing can be done in the city, he said.

Sports and entertainment can be done intertwined with nature Özkeçeci pointed out, professional and amateur skiers from the center could benefit.

Noting that the training was given by foreign professionals, Özkeçeci said, “The project of the center was prepared on the basis of Europe's most modern facilities. 1 people will be able to ski at the same time on the slopes of our facility, which is designed to benefit 200 million people a year.