Yapar Mining to entrust Volvo to shipping

Yaparar Mining entrusts its transport service to Volvo: Yapiar Madencilik, which operates in the field of transport, purchased the 1 Volvo FH 500 4X2 Hp tractor unit. With the purchase of the car and Volvo tow truck 2 increased the number of construction, mining, vehicle priorities, always emphasized that Volvo Trucks.
Produced by İstanbul based and providing transportation service, Yapımar Madencilik purchased 1 pieces FH 500 Hp 4X2. 6 a few months ago, preferring the first tow truck Volvo brand Yapar Madencilik, with this purchase increased the number of vehicles in the young fleet. Turkey which performs transportation services company in the restoration of historical monuments made general in Istanbul, Eskişehir, Çorum, Bursa, Yenişehir, Ankara is working in line.
Şenol Çubukçu and Ahmet Hatkaoğlu, the partners of the company, attended the delivery ceremony. Şenol Çubukçu said that they gave importance to the importance of giving importance to the solidity due to the significant savings in fuel consumption, the sense of prestige, the intensity and the weight of their work. In addition, we will continue to work with Volvo in line with our goal of having a single-brand vehicle park with timely and complete provision of service. Ayrıca
N Yapımar Madencilik realized its first vehicle by taking FH 6 a month before 460. Our customer's satisfaction with our vehicles has been influential in his decision to build his fleet on Volvo. We would like to thank them for these decisions and their trust in our brand. Bu


Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:14

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