Gökköy Logistics Center is in service in May

📩 29/11/2018 18:22

Gökköy Logistics Center Goes Into May: AK Party Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Edip Uğur landed on the field. He made a review in Uğur Logistics Village.
Balikesir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ahmet Edip Ugur's visit to the logistic village. TCDD İzmir Regional Manager Selim Koçbay. AK Party II President Av. Mahmut Poyrazlı. Yücel Yılmaz, the candidate for the Mayor of Karesi, was present. Along with Uğur Logistics Village, Gökköy saw and examined the underpass construction and intersection arrangements on site, and the studies received information in the bacterium.
Edip Uğur, who also visited Gökköy, is here with the citizens sohbet and listened to his problems. Edip Uğur. While examining the Logistics Village construction, which has a total cost of 70 million TL, he emphasized that the biggest problem of the investor is to deliver the goods to the consumption regions. Noting that the logistics village is of great importance in this sense, Edip Uğur. “When the businessman requests a loan for the factory he will build, the credit institutions give points based on whether there is a railway network or not. Balıkesir is in a very lucky position in this respect, ”he said. Uğur said that it is of great importance that the goods produced in the OIZ should be placed in containers and not opened until the final destination, so a customs center should be established where the logistics village is located.
Ahmet Edip Uğur, who received information about the work done in the construction of the Logistics Village, which has an indoor area of ​​approximately 3 thousand square meters. stating that all the sections of TCDD remaining in the city center will remain with the commissioning of this place. He said that in the new Logistics Village built on an area of ​​22 decares, approximately 300 people will be transported, there will be 4 rails to be used in order to bring only passengers in the station, this is a separate chance for Balıkesir.
TCDD İzmir Regional Manager Selim Koçbay explained that there will be departments such as train set wagon maintenance and locomotive production workshops in Lojistik Köy. Koçbay. announced that they are planning to open the logistics village at the end of May. Ahmet Edip Uğur, AK Party Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate, who examined the works on the underpass and intersection arrangement, which was built to ease transportation to Gökköy and cost 1 million 300 thousand liras. He met with the citizens in Gökköy. Village headman Salih Aydın: He asked for support from Uğur for the expropriation costs, the pond project, the cobblestone and the recruitment of workers to work in the logistics village. Saying that Edip Uğur is always with them, the muhtar stated that they are very happy with this surprise visit. Addressing the rainbows, AK Party Balıkesir Mayor Candidate Ahmet Edip Uğur. “I brought you our fellow countryman and TCDD Izmir Regional Manager Selim Koçbay. He always does his best for Balıkesir. So I thank him in your presence ”. Uğur. He carefully listened to the problems conveyed by the villagers, to whom he was very interested, and took notes. Drinking tea with the citizens sohbet Edip Uğur. He then left the area to make further visits and observations.


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