OIZs and Freight Centers Connected to Railway System

OIZs and Freight Centers are Connected to the Railway System: A consultation meeting was held at Corlu Chamber of Commerce within the scope of the integration of Trakya Region Freight Centers into Rail Transport System, which is carried out by Trakya Development Agency and TCDD.

Trakya Development Agency in a written statement, Trakya Development Agency and TCDD carried out together with the Trakya Region Load Centers in the scope of the integration of the railway transport system Çorlu Chamber of Commerce said the meeting was held.

Organization of Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin, TCDD 1 District officials, Muratlı and Kapaklı Municipality officials and OSB Managers attended the organization held in Çorlu TSO Meeting Hall. Firstly, the advantages of the project for OIZs were discussed. It was emphasized that increasing the competitiveness of the companies by providing transportation facilities to the companies in the Organized Industrial Zones in the region. Regarding this issue, the Republic of Turkey State Railways 1. As a result of the consultations conducted with the Regional Directorate of TCDD in the region as long as the demand for investment in the hot looked. In order to realize this investment, it is important to evaluate the demands of Organized Industrial Zones.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to expand the loading areas near the OIZs and to establish new logistics centers. Consultation meetings will continue in the coming days for the development of the project of the integration of the Trakya Region Freight Centers to the Railway Transport System, which is carried out by the Trakya Development Agency and TCDD.

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