Train in New York

Train derailed in New York wagons flew into the river: At least 4 people died as a result of a train derailment in the US state of New York; 11 people were injured, 63 seriously.

The 7 wagon of the train belonging to the Metropolitan Transportation Directorate (MTA) derailed due to excessive speed before reaching New York's Spuyten Duyvil station at 7.30 on Sunday morning. One of the wagons drifting to the Hudson rivershould stand on the edge at the last minute.

135 firefighter dispatched to the scene, continues work.

New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to the first determinations 4 died of a person 11'si heavy, including a total of 63 injured said. The train's mechanic was reportedly injured.

Governor Cuomo, those on the train relatives, by calling 311 can get information, he said.
MTA officials, another train in the same position in July, recalled that the road.

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