Historical Long Bridge To Be Restored

The historical “Long Bridge”, which is the longest stone bridge in the world on the Ergene River in the town of Uzunköprü in Edirne, will be restored.
Uzunköprü Mayor Enis İşbilen stated that a delegation from the General Directorate of Highways visited him in a written statement.
Stating that the Directorate General of Highways has prepared a project for the restoration of the bridge, İşbilen said, “The prepared project will be presented to the Board of Monuments by the Highways. The tender process will start after its acceptance. The restoration process is expected to take 3 years. We, as the municipality, will provide all kinds of support. We always value historical artifacts. ”
- The history of the bridge
The “Long Bridge” is the only and the longest stone bridge in the world that connects Anatolia and the Balkans on the Ergene River in Edirne.
The bridge, which gave the district its name and was named Ergene Bridge, was built in 1426-1443 by the Ottoman Sultan Murat II, the chief architect of the period, Muslihiddin. The bridge with 2 arches is 174 meters long and 1392 meters wide.
The bridge, which was built to cross the Ergene River, which was confronted by the Ottomans as a natural obstacle in the conquests of the Balkans, enabled the Turkish army to continue its raids in winter.
It is aimed to extend the life of the bridge, which was last repaired in 1963, by restoring it.

Source: mynet

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