The Bride and Groom's Remedy, Stuck in Traffic, Became a Tram

The bride and groom caught on the TRAFFIC reached the wedding with a delay of 2 and a half hours thanks to the tram. Allegedly, the couple Musa and Münevver Danışmaz set out from Şirinevler to go to the wedding hall at 14.30 to get married. The couple who had a wedding in the Beyazgül Invitation and Meeting Hall, located in Rami Topçular, got stuck in the traffic. Facing heavy traffic on the O-1 Highway, the couple parked their bride's car in Topkapı. The couple then continued on their way by taking the Topkapı-Habibler tram to reach the hall where the wedding would be held. The couple, trying to go to the hall at the tram stop, tried to reach the hall without paying attention to their curious eyes. The couple was about 2 and a half hours late for their wedding.


After the bride and groom who came to Beyazgül Invitation and Meeting Hall at Topçular at 16.30, rested for a while, they entered the hall with a specially designed glass elevator system and a lift rising from under the ground. After performing their first dance in the hall, the wedding of Musa and Münevver couple was made.

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