Europe's Largest Steam Locomotive Museum (Photo Gallery)

Europe's Largest Steam Locomotive Museum
Who knows, perhaps, from Diyarbakır to İzmir has brought us this locomotive. The locomotive can also carry our wagons from Erzurum to Izmir.

Turkey's and Europe's largest Steam Locomotive Museum Is it possible to get distracted by wandering around the old year?

Those who make ”black train“ journeys know in their childhood and youth. These unforgettable days lasting four days and three nights in small compartments. The train is a tricky race to touch our tree branches. While hanging from the windows, the locomotives emitted and burned. At the stations, the train is full of sellers, children on the roads yelling larda newspaper newspaper ılar İstasyon

Anyway, let's go back to this day.

The locomotive museum located in Çamlık Village covers an area of ​​approximately 7 thousand square meters.

Turkey's first railway is being built in İzmir-Aydın railway 1866. Çamlık village is one of the most important stations. 1952 serving the railway, the development of technology, with the introduction of new locomotives insufficient mold, abandoned. Nowadays, while the old station is living in an out-of-the-way train, the chickens are hovering over the disabled train tracks.

German, English, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovakian 35 steam locomotives are on display in the museum. These include a British-made locomotive with only 2 and wood. In addition, four cranes, water pumps, diesel fuel tank, open and closed passenger car, water cender, repair shop, 1850 toilet and an old tunnel of 900 meters are carefully placed in large areas.

In 1936, Atatürk set up his headquarters at Çamlık station with the White Special Train during the Aegean maneuvers, and during the maneuvers he reached the Aegean coasts here and watched the maneuvers. Due to the pine forest in the region, too, Çamlık was named Atatürk.

When I visited the museum opened in 1991, there was a state of disrepair and indifference. Nowadays, you eat your food, your tea, coffee, sipping places, all over the area covering the grass, flowers and a ip oasis of nostalgia yeme has been converted into. One of the foreign tourist buses is coming in. The number of tourists has exceeded 150 thousand per year. Those who do not pay breakfast also do not pay for the museum.

If you don't know this before, you can pass without knowing this beautiful place. Because the main gate does not look at the road and does not appear from the road either.

Before visiting the museum, you should make a Camlik tour. Be prepared for squirrels in front of you as you wander among the pine trees. We couldn't. They hide in the woods cavities until they take a picture.

I spent an afternoon at Çamlık. I went to the years of my childhood iç black train iç and I have experienced beautiful hours in nature.

If your path falls, keep in mind. Don't say in we don't have time “. Even if you drink a tea, you can visit this biggest steam locomotive museum in Europe, embrace your old memories Bir


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