The people of Izmir will choose their train!

📩 25/11/2018 14:42

The designs called Yalıçapkını, Körfez Yunusu and Derin Mavi, prepared for the new train sets of İZBAN, were presented to the people of İzmir over 'izban'.

The people of Izmir, 30 2010 40 since the date of XNUMX to provide rail transportation service for Hyundai Rotem by the new train set to be made by the XNUMX will decide the design of the set.

Yalicapkini, Gulf Dolphin and Deep Blue designs, http://www.izban… It was presented to the appreciation of the people of İzmir with a questionnaire. The people of Izmir will participate in the survey, which will remain open for 1 week, and will choose both the exterior and interior designs of the new İZBAN trains.

Those who wish will also be able to express their opinions on İZBAN's facebook account called 'Uzunyolunkisasi'. The new trains will depart from South Korea to Izmir after 18 months, and the entire fleet will be completed in about 3 years.

İZBAN General Manager Sebahattin Eriş and Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev said that the designers had a long and devoted working period in İzmir. Eris and Alev said, “They worked on buildings, motifs, colors, food, vegetation and animals symbolizing Izmir.

From the Clock Tower to the rug motifs, everything inspired by Izmir was inspired. Among these, the Kingfisher bird, Izmir Bay, dolphin and blue color came to the fore. As a result, designs called Yalıçapkını, Körfez Yunusu and Derin Mavi were made, which we believe were truly identified with İzmir. All three designs were liked by the İZBAN team. However, we wanted the people of Izmir to make the final decision. ” said.

Source: İhlas Haber

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