TGV Speed ​​Record 574 Km

tgv speed record km
tgv speed record km

TGV Speed ​​Record: The French famous TGV (Train à grande vitesse, French ”high-speed train“) is a fast train service developed by Alstom and SNCF and operated by SNCF. In 1981, it was the first time between Paris and Lyon. Currently, there are flights to various cities and neighboring countries, center of Paris. 3 broke the 2007 train train speed record with 574.8 km / h in April 200. The average speed of 320km / s is XNUMX km per hour.

Other Speed ​​records:

1 1964 was the world's third commercial high-speed train service after the Japanese Intercity 1976, which was prepared for the Japanese Shinkansen on October 125, Tokyo and Osaka, and the British Intercity XNUMX, which was prepared for the UK's outlines and launched in XNUMX.

The TGV currently holds the world speed record among conventional, wheeled and rail trains. 1990 also broke the world record with 515.3 km / h (320.2 mph). And TGV, the world's fastest conventional scheduled train service in 2007 Champagne-Ardenne expedition an average of 279,3 km / h (173,6 mph) made with the hour.

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