Ankara-Sivas Railway works are in progress

Ankara-Sivas Railway works are continuing rapidly: With the completion of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which will make a significant contribution to the transportation area, works are in progress. Governor Mehmet Ilker Haktan Kaçmaz visited the construction site in the village of Bırakeyh, Izzettin, and received information from the authorities.
From the day he took office, the Governor Mehmet Ilker Haktankacmaz, who examined the public institutions and the investment studies on site, examined the construction sites of the High Speed ​​Train Site in Izkettin Village of Besheyh County. Governor Haktankaçmaz'i on the construction site, the Mayor of Balışeyh Yusuf Yildirim, Mayor Ali Dedelioğlu Bassaseyh and High Speed ​​Train Construction Project Manager was welcomed Sukru Fırat.
In addition to Governor Haktankaçmaz, Deputy Governor Abdullah Aslaner, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel İsa Çakmak and Provincial Police Director Hasan Onar were also present. YHT Project Manager Şükrü Fırat provided information about the Ankara-Sivas Railway Project Kırıkkale-Yerköy (Section II) infrastructure construction works.
YHT Project Manager Şükrü Fırat; He said that the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project is currently under construction, and that infrastructure works are planned to be completed in 2018. Following the infrastructure studies, the construction of the superstructure will start Firat, a part of the project Kirikkale-Yerkoy (Sekili Village) between the infrastructure work will be completed as of 31.12.2016 said.
Following the presentation, Governor Haktankaçmaz examined the viaduct and tunnel works in the area where High Speed ​​Train works were carried out in Çerikli district and wished for the convenience of the employees. Then Haktankaçmaz explanations, High-Speed ​​Train will contribute to Kırıkkale said.


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