Havsa Logistics Center is launched at 2013

The Havsa International Industrial and Logistics Center, which is built on a land of 15 hectares, is planned to be implemented in 250 in the Havsa district of Edirne and 2013 km to Edirne.
Gültekin Çınar, General Coordinator of Seda İnşaat and General Manager of Delta International Petroleum Construction, expressed that Havsa will be a very strategic center in the near future, and that the center creates new employment opportunities and attracts new investors to the region. he pointed out.
250 hectares of land on the built Havsa International Industrial and Logistics Central Europe and Turkey's largest project is said Seda Construction General Coordinator and Delta International Petroleum Construction Director General Gideon Cinar, the project's infrastructure, he said substantial completion. Organized talks with the OIZ Governments and industry-leading companies, Çınar said, “According to our business plan, life at Havsa International Industrial and Logistics Center will be started as of 2013 OS.
”Havsa will be a very strategic center in the near future“
Europe and Anatolia, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East between the regions of Thrace Region D-100 and E-80 highways between the location because of the location of Havsa, primarily in transit transportation voiced that the location of a very important Cinar,, Likewise European gateway of Turkey Pazarkule 34 km, Agility to 38 km, Hamzabeyli the 61 and İpsala to 95 km intimacy in a modern centers in customs clearance for all modes of transport, cargo handling, warehouse / realization of warehouse services logistics it will provide companies with very serious advantages. Considering that in the future land transportation vehicles and wagons cannot pass through Istanbul, Havsa will be a very strategic center in the near future. Moreover, due to the connection of the railway to the center and proximity to the ports in the region, logistics companies will be able to obtain a significant market share from European rail transports. Ayrıca
Çınar said that the center will create new employment opportunities for thousands of people in the coming years and will attract new investors to the region and will provide significant contributions both directly and indirectly to the more planned development of the cities and the more efficient development of the cities in Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ provinces.

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