YOLDER: "Train Accident Should Be Evaluated In The Light Of The Facts"

On Sunday, July 8, five cars of the passenger train that made the Kapıkule-Istanbul expedition derailed near the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ and overturned, 24 of our citizens lost their lives and many of our citizens were injured. This tragic event has shocked us all. KazanBefore addressing the speculations about the causes of the accident, we once again wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives in the accident, our condolences to their grieving families, and wish a speedy recovery to our injured citizens.

KazanAfterwards, security measures in railways naturally came to the fore in various channels, especially in social media, kazanComments, which we think are hasty and speculative, have been made about the reasons and the responsible persons. It is a situation that we watch with concern that the hasty comments made are voiced by people who do not have knowledge and experience about the railways, and that the event is mostly drawn to political channels and distanced from the truth. Evaluations made from a purely political point of view kazanIt is clear that, rather than revealing the reasons and responsible for this, it will serve us to move away from the truth by causing wrong perceptions. It should not be forgotten that the statements made especially through non-governmental organizations or professional chambers will wear down these institutions, which should always be in pursuit of the truth.

By moving away from the information pollution caused by the hasty sharing of information not obtained from experts, kazanWe would like to draw attention to a few points regarding the reasons for the

immediately after the event kazanClaims have been made that this is due to not having a Road Keeper. 'Watchman' sözcüIn terms of k meaning, it is not a person waiting fixed in a place. They are the people who are in charge of "eliminating the situations that prevent the wheel from turning by means of visual inspection" in the areas of responsibility (a line area of ​​20-30 km) on certain days of the week. Therefore, it is wrong to evaluate it as a 100 percent preventive measure in the accident.

Also, Road Guard is not completely removed in the TCDD. In the beginning of 1990 years, Road Guard Office title was decreased and number of Road Control Officer was established in accordance with public personnel policy. There are still friends working in this class. Also, the personnel working as Road Control Workers carry out similar tasks.

KazanThe weather event, which is experienced during the day in the region where the earthquake occurred and called 'positional precipitation', also needs to be examined technically. There is no doubt that the experts who are experts in their field will examine the causes of the accident in detail, and will do their due diligence in order to identify the problems and those responsible. Before expert reports kazanWe would like to remind you once again that all explanations regarding the reasons for the incident are the biggest obstacle in front of us discussing the real reasons of the incident and producing solutions.

At this stage, our duty is to ensure that no one is declared guilty until the cause and responsible of the incident is fully determined in order to relieve the conscience of the society immediately after the accidents that deeply hurt the public. Following such painful events, the detention and subsequent detention of especially low-level workers became a general and passive practice, and many of the first inmates were acquitted in many similar cases.

As a final word, kazanWe invite everyone to be prudent, without forgetting that we will obtain concrete and scientific data through expert reports in order to learn the reasons for the incident, if any, and those who are negligent, and that discussions and measures to be taken only in the light of the facts can prevent similar tragic events.

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