The first high-speed trains of the private sector in Italy, 28, will be launched in April.

The publicity of the trains called NTV-Italiano, which will expand the railway network in the country, was made between Rome and Naples. Turkey also established the energy and providing the transportation infrastructure in our country and a lot of metro and rail line "Alstom" produced by flour additives, capable hours 300 kilometers at speeds of high-speed trains luxurious comfort and a variety of class difference is marked. Almost like the hotel used in different purpose of the car in front of each passenger screen is available. Passengers who will be able to use free internet along the way will also be able to watch various movies and watch the news live. NTV - Italo will be broadcasting live on their voyages by taking the broadcast rights of 2012 London Olympics for its passengers. The trains with 11 wagons have ”Club kom class and de Prima agon class with special compartment which is defined as luxury. Economically, the olarak Smart ise class is considered as a cheap tariff. There are also discounts for families and institutions. Speaking for the NTV - Italo private sector train that cost 1 billion 150 million Euros, President Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo said: UM In our time, the state monopoly in the transport sector should be removed. Competition, high quality also brings a discount on tickets. We provide different services for all kinds of passengers. Our first goal is to provide comfort and pleasant service to satisfy the passengers. The private sector in the world should now be engaged in these areas. Dünya

Source: Transportation News

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