Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ Moving Debate

Turkish-Business Financial Railways Workers Union General Secretary and President Ergun Atalay, Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) for the factory in Adapazarı to relocate the project to another location,

Bulundu Let's grow this factory on-site, let the factory grow in the same place if it grows “.

Atalay, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, will support the positive steps taken towards the future of the factory, but would also oppose the cases that he thinks are wrong.

Atalay stated that he did not look at the transport of the TÜVASAŞ factory.

Ilk If I do wrong things, I will be the first to resist. Previously in Sakarya Agricultural Equipment Factory had been closed, but closed. Meat Fish Authority, now is going blind. There was a sugar factory, but it's not the back of what it is going to be. Şeker

Atalay stated that one of every 3 people living in Sakarya had a connection with the TÜVASAŞ factory, and that the Eurotem Wagon Factory established in the same region could not meet the needs.

Increased rail transport in Turkey that attracts attention, Atalay said:

A Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Eskişehir are always going to the metro. Eurotem cannot afford this metro. This factory needs to grow. They need to increase capital. Not a hundred-person factory. But TÜVASAŞ is a very big factory. The only factory that makes all of the moving vehicles in Turkey. The area is also very large. You can buy half of Adapazarı with this land. That's why everyone should take care of such a factory. Bu

- ”If the factory is going to grow in the same place aynı -

Ergun Atalay emphasizes that he wants the factory to remain in the same place.

Aynı Let's grow this factory in place, so that the factory will grow in the same place if it grows. If this factory grows, it will contribute to all. Let's not move if we can enlarge it in place. I don't look at the idea that the factory can be customized. That's my fear. The end of privatization is closing, Özel he said.

Formerly established by the State Sugar Factory, Sümerbank and Railways, such as businesses, where they go to the region that expresses life Atalay, privatization, such factories began to disappear due to privatization.

- ırs Customized if the factory is moved - -

Atalay said that as well as all of Turkey's Sakarya TÜVASAŞ in need, he said:

Izi If we do not say our opinion, Allah asks the account. I'd be happy if a man works harder in this factory. Now there are areas where the private sector is good. But on this subject TÜVASAŞ, doing much better than all his work. If TÜVASAŞ grows, it is in the interest of Sakarya. I hope something good happens. My fear is privatized if this factory is moved. If this factory is privatized, the number of employees decreases, and with little money, the workers will suffer. Therefore, everyone should stand for TÜVASAŞ. But if the intent is bad, I'll make all the obstructions. I would like these factories to export wagons.

Atalay, at the same time the factory has an environmentally friendly structure, he added.

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