Light rail system project request from Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Baydemir

Mayor Osman Baydemir, who took the urban problems of Diyarbakır to President Abdullah Gül, made the second important meeting with Bülent Arınç, Deputy Prime Minister. During the meeting held at the Prime Ministry, Baydemir conveyed the problems and demands of the city's blocked projects.

Baydemir, Diyarbakır Peripheral Road 2. The 3 will be finished immediately. and Elazığ-Silvan and Silvan-Mardin sections, which are the 4 stages, to be included in the program and to make the highway route up to Urfa to Diyarbakır. In the government's 2023 plan, Baydemir demanded that the High Speed ​​Train Project exist and that this should be olan accelerated N.

'Let's use the railway for urban transportation'

Diyarbakir Transportation Master Plan foresees the use of the light rail system, the current train station in the city for the use of transportation Baydemir, pointed out that the passenger potential is concentrated on the route of the train line. Baydemir emphasized that the resources can be used with this application.

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  1. the destruction of the vineyards, the construction of the dicle valley and the light rail system to bring to the land of the diyarbakır nezamandendir big city and even a tranvayı do not close to the municipality and the state. and as soon as they do

  2. in my opinion light rail system must be a project every time, for example akkoyunlu cadd street cadd why it is not on the streets of the street why it is not for example sellahtini eyyubi boulevard why there is no reason why I do not even in the front of the bayramoğlu light raft system I think it is more convenience to the light rail system because the light rail system to go to the rail system, because the rail system will go back to the office is too long, I think it would be better to shoot the rails to the office immediately grows into the office

  3. how is the light rail in the middle of the street in the middle of the street