Cumhuriyet University Management Visits TÜDEMSAŞ (Photo Gallery)

Cumhuriyet University Management Visits TÜDEMSAŞ: Rector of Cumhuriyet University Dr. Faruk Kocacık and University administration visited Tüdemsaş General Directorate.

Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Faruk Kocacık lam We planned to cooperate in every field from education to production between our university and TÜDEMSAŞ. We started our business with a small protocol. We will have negotiations to cooperate in every field. Dık He said that the university and TÜDEMSAŞ will cooperate.

Professor Dr. TUSEMAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan exchanged views with the visitors about the future of the Railways and Sivas. Afterwards, the Rector met with Feyzullah Duman, the Labor Representative. Dr. Kocacik received information about the general situation of workers working in the factory.

Rector Dr. Kocacik and his retinue then visited the Material Division Presidency Material Robotics Sandblasting Plant, Robotic Booming Production Line, Wagon Production and Repair Factories, Quality Control Department Laboratories, Metal Works Manufacturing Plant and Resource Education and Technologies Center. Rector Dr. The husband used the welding simulator in his welding simulator.

During the factory visits, Rector Prof. Dr. Kocacık and his entourage, by closely taking care of the employees, sohbet They found the opportunity to do.

National Freight Wagon to be Produced at TüDEMSAŞ
Rector Dr. During the last quarter of the year 2016 visited the husband; Within the scope of the National Train Project, the information about the New Generation National Freight Wagon, which will be produced in TUDEMSAS, was examined and the prototypes of H-type bogies which are the most important part of this wagon were prepared for the tests.

Rector Dr. Kocacik, terek New Generation of National Freight Wagon in Sivas, will be produced in TUDEMSAS, stating that they are proud of, in recent years, renewing the technological infrastructure from the beginning of the world-wide wagon production factories are pleased to see that they are very happy, this issue I would like to congratulate all TÜDEMSAŞ employees for their great effort and our General Manager. büyük

Rector Dr. Kocacik, 33 years in Sivas where it is possible for the first time to see TUDEMSAS, the region as the most equipped company in the city because of the values ​​it adds to the existence of TUBEMSAS itself is quite happy, he said. Kocacik, umut What I saw in Tudemsash made us hope for the future. I would like to thank our General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan and his team. We are proud to have such a facility that will contribute to the future of our country and contribute to both production and economic aspects. I want to thank those who brought these beauties. We planned to cooperate in every field from education to production between our university and TÜDEMSAŞ. We started with a small protocol. We will have some meetings to cooperate in every field. İş

Rector Prof. Dr. Öztürk said that the cooperation will increase with mutual visits. Dr. Kocacık said, ı I hope that this cooperation will ultimately benefit both Sivas and our country with both institutions. I would like to thank General Manager Koçarslan and his team for their hospitality and wish them success in their work. Genel

General Director of Tüdemsaş Yıldıray Koçarslan, Rector Prof.Dr. By expressing that Kocacık and his team are honored for their visits; “Worldwide yearly; 12 billion $ in the production of new freight wagons, 9 billion $ in the cargo wagon maintenance, repair and revision, the country as the largest share of this market, trying to get as much as possible, within the framework of developments in the sector by continuing technological investments, innovative products we want to take place in the global market. Focusing on high value-added products that will improve our technical infrastructure and R & D activities, our priority is to develop domestic opportunities and to consider new opportunities for export. It is our most important goal to develop the railway sub-industry, which is starting to be formed in our region through TÜDEMSAŞ and to make SİVAS a freight wagon production base at the point of production, maintenance and repair of spare parts of rail freight vehicles and supply of spare parts.

Dr. Yildiray Kocarslan, cooperating with the faculty of engineering faculty, cooperating with our teachers, to put forward new projects and the internship of students at the University of Turkey, will be a great service for our country and students, stressing the Rector. Dr. He said that Kocacık's visits gave them strength and would add perseverance to their work.

Rector of Cumhuriyet University Dr. Prof. Dr. Faruk Kocacık'la Vice Rectors Dr. Prof. Ali Erkul Dr. Ertan Buyruk, Dr. Sami Servant, Secretary General Dr. Prof. Ömer Poyraz, Dean of the Faculty of Technology Dr. Prof. Sezai Elagöz, Faculty Member Dr. She attended Orhan Tatar.

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