Samsun Governor Hüseyin Aksoy: Samsun will be the center of the Black Sea in logistics

Samsun Governor Huseyin Aksoy, Samsun, a logistics transferred in connection with the Black Sea and the Black Sea coastal countries of Turkey, said it aims to be a center of manufacturing and export-import.

Governor Huseyin Aksoy, the current state of the 'Logistics Sector to be held in Samsun and industrial zone to create infrastructure for the construction of projects supported by the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) said that the statement about the project found. In his statement, Governor Hüseyin Aksoy said, siyasal As we all know about the logistics activities in Samsun, economic and political changes in recent years have affected the American and European Union and the BRIC countries called Brazil, Russia, India and China. . Sister Turkic Republics, Gulf countries and trade links with rich natural beds and strategic energy resources reinforce the position and importance of our country. In this context, the Black Sea is vital for this opening and trade relations. The indispensability of the energy supply, sea transport and trade connections and the richness of the logistics have made the Black Sea a very important place in the international arena. At this point, Samsun stands out. Samsun, one of the few cities in our country with land-sea-air and railroad meeting, is a well-established university and trained manpower, agricultural and industrial potential, proximity to international relations network, energy corridors entrance, economic and commercial relations richness, potential in terms of export and import and increasing rapidly is the point of contact with our country in the Black Sea expansion with its acceleration and accumulation. iv


The Black Sea, the largest city of Samsun, Black Sea a center of attraction for countries in the dish, Aksoy Governor pointed out that the center of the city, regional development and growth, "Samsun, a logistics transferred in connection with the Black Sea and the Black Sea coastal countries of Turkey, production and export-import center. In line with this goal, the Samsun Logistics Sector Platform was established and studies were initiated to create a road map for increasing the efficiency of the sector and becoming Samsun as a logistics center. In the sector related studies, the 'Trained by Logistics Project Lojistik prepared by the Special Provincial Administration of Samsun under the ve Promoting Employment with Innovative Methods Grant Scheme vik was awarded and implemented by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. Under the coordination of Samsun Special Provincial Administration, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ondokuz Mayıs University project was carried out in partnership with 40 unemployed young people gained basic professional skills and public awareness of the sector by increasing recognition of informality was achieved on the prevention of informality 'he said.


TR83 Region, Logistics Platform, which includes stakeholders in the logistics sector, Governor Aksoy, who reminded that the Central Black Sea Region has been prepared by TR2010 Logistics Master Plan with the support of OKA DFD-2010 on December 83. A special project titled İh Samsun Specialized Logistics Organized Industrial Zone Feasibility Study Karad was presented to the Central Black Sea Development Agency by the Special Provincial Administration. 15 December 2011 The partners of this project signed on Thursday were the Metropolitan Municipality, Ondokuz Mayıs University Rectorate and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The total budget of the project is 186 thousand TL and the percentage of 40 will be covered by OKA, the other part of our partner TSO, Metropolitan Municipality and our administration. In accordance with the priorities stated in the Logistics Master Plan, our institutions will carry out a feasibility study on the areas determined by feasibility study in order to establish 'Samsun Logistics Organized Industrial Zone'. In this project, the logistics demand of TR83 Region and its hinterland in Samsun center to be met in Samsun in the medium-long term is to maximize the contribution of the increasing logistics activities to the employment of the city, improvement of living conditions and economy olmak.


TR83 Region, which has become the production center of other cities, the logistic connection between the most rational infrastructure and methods to be processed in the development of Samsun and planned logistics infrastructure, the city's settlement, environment and traffic in the most rational way to take into account the situation is emphasized Governor Hussein Aksoy, said the following statement: ite In this study 'Market Current Status' report,' Short and Long Term Demand and Expectations' report, 'Technical Layout of the Project' and 'CAD' drawing, 'Financial Feasibility' report and 'Marketing Strategy Study activities such as' will be realized. As a result, the selection of locations determined during the master plan will be based on more objective criteria. The proposed locations will be analyzed in detail and the criteria for the selected region will be finalized. The establishment of the Logistics Center will gain speed. The feasibility study required for the İhtisas Logistics Organized Industrial Zone will be included in this study and the feasibility will be established for the establishment of 'Logistics Center in Samsun' which is applied by TOBB to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the regional potential will be determined. The investment requests of the ports and the railway will be directed and the impacts of the Logistics Village on the three harbors and OIZs in Samsun will be determined. OIZs will be able to provide maximum advantage to the logistics network from the railway network with ports. La

Source: Tarsus Online

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