Metro Connection to Istanbul Financial Center Project

Within the scope of Istanbul Finance Center, GAP-VARYAP partnership on 100 bin meteorque area, Renaissance Construction on 20 thousand square meters, Saphan Group on 20 bin 700 square meters, VARYAP on 9 bin 500 square meters, TAO office, housing and hotel projects on thousand square meters will be realized. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is being contacted with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the metro connection.

Mega project that will raise Istanbul's building standards

Varyap CEO Erdinç Varlıbaş stated that the project was designed in a sustainable project concept and that he would present human-centered approaches to the world cities by his architectural design. Defining the project as a mega project that will raise the building standards in Istanbul, Varlıbaş said, yükselt The project, which brings together housing, workplace, hotel, shopping center, education and culture facilities, cinema and sports fields, has been designed as a multifunctional project. Each sector leader xnumx'n which met international designers and consultants on the project Maltepe, Turkey is a project that will create value for the world. The project, which will be marketed on an international scale, will be the focus of both domestic and foreign investors. Ulus

Metro project Kadıköy-Ataşehir or Bostancı-Dudullu lines. In addition, Kozyatağı-Ataşehir-Ümraniye havaray project is recommended.

Source: Nationality

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