tudemsas has a promise of promising cikalmali
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TÜDEMSAŞ Promises Hope

TÜDEMSAŞ is able to carry out the works of the Chinese company which has been awarded the Metro tender. Hou Bo, Liu Huanjun and Yang Lie of CRRC from China and Liu Hao from Zeer visited TUDEMSAS. General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ [more…]

bus stops with smart stops
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China: Smart Buses on the Road

Wanting to solve the transportation and traffic problem at reasonable prices, China produced an electric, modular vehicle that has never been produced before, a mixture of trains, trams and buses. Moreover, it can work without a driver. The Chinese are technological [more…]

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Malaysia will get 22 high speed trains from China

Malaysia will buy 22 high-speed trains from China: Malaysian Ministry of Transport will buy 22 high-speed trains from China. Between CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company and the Malaysian Ministry of Transport yesterday, the headquarters of the Chinese province of Hunan [more…]

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Investment from China to Kars

China's Investment in Kars: Caucasus University (AUC) Continuing Education Application and Research Center Directorate, due to the 45th anniversary of Turkey-China diplomatic relations, Ankara Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Yu Hongyang [more…]