Both Fast and Affordable with IBB Sea Taxi Shared Journey

Both Fast and Affordable with IBB Sea Taxi Shared Journey
Both Fast and Affordable with IBB Sea Taxi Shared Journey

📩 02/10/2023 14:37

The Sea Taxi, which was put into service by IMM subsidiary Şehir Hatları in 2021, is both fast and very affordable with the 'Shared Journey' option. Travel options for up to 10 people are now offered with shared reservations made through the IBB Sea Taxi mobile application. The road fee decreases with sharing; Istanbulites enjoy safe, fast and comfortable transportation.

The 'Shared Journey' option is offered in the Sea Taxis produced by Şehir Hatları, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), at the Haliç Shipyard, which is the oldest living and producing shipyard in the world. The application, which was implemented with the change in directives received by UKOME in July 2023, provides more affordable transportation.


It is very easy to book Sea Taxis via the mobile application 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. After selecting the route, date and time through the application, users select the "Shared" journey from the "Single" and "Shared" options. In the next step, he can view previously shared journeys, join the journey, or open his own journey to the sharing of others.

If the user chooses to share the journey with others, he becomes the "Guarantor" of the journey and makes the full payment. Until the journey starts, 10/1 of the total fare is deducted from each passenger added as a "Participant" and returned to the guarantor at the end of the journey.

In Sea Taxis, whose travel fees are determined by UKOME, the starting fee is 1 TL including 210 mile, 1 TL per mile between 4-155 miles, 4 TL per mile between 8-125 miles and 8 TL per mile after 100 miles, shared travel. Thanks to this, it is divided among passengers.