Signature Campaign Started for Antalya Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Project

Signature Campaign Started for Antalya Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Project
Signature Campaign Started for Antalya Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Project

📩 02/10/2023 14:31

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) President Ali Bahar, Chairman of the Assembly Ahmet Öztürk, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Boğaçhan Göksu, Fatih Kabadayı, Treasurer Member of the Board of Directors Murat Totoş, Members of the Board of Directors Hatice Öz, Mustafa Yayla, Özgür Karagöz, Hakan Pakalın, Member of the Board of Directors Vice Presidents Nilay Akbaş, Mızrap Cihangir Deniz, Council Clerk Ökkeş Göktuğ Şahin and ATSO Secretary General Atty. Aslı Şahin Tekin, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu and Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. He visited Ömer Bolat. Mayor Bahar conveyed the requests and suggestions from ATSO's 49 professional committees on transportation, infrastructure and commercial activities, delivered the files related to the studies and gave information about their content.


Drawing attention to the problems experienced in Antalya regarding transportation and infrastructure, Mayor Bahar conveyed the problems identified by sector representatives to Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu. Reminding the issue of improving the quality and capacity of the highway network, Mayor Bahar gave information about the logistics problem. Noting that the requests made by the highways are not left unanswered, Minister Uraloğlu said, “Metropolitan municipalities can request support from our ministry on this issue. "There is no request from Antalya to our ministry, we can provide all kinds of support when it reaches the ministry," he said. Providing information on the Antalya scale about the effective use of air, sea and road transportation and strengthening of information and communication networks, Mayor Bahar said, “We started a signature campaign for our Antalya-Eskişehir high-speed train project. Antalya is among the top 10 metropolitan cities, but all metropolitan cities except Antalya have railway transportation. "For this reason, we started our signature campaign for Antalya High Speed ​​​​Train, and we will continue to knock on the doors of our institutions and relevant ministries on this issue," he said. Mayor Bahar conveyed the request of the transportation sector regarding the age of school bus vehicles and said, “Since they are vehicles used in the city, our sector conveyed to us the request to increase the vehicle usage to 20 years. "We have received information about frequent maintenance of vehicles, and we want your support in this regard," he said.


Noting that there is a need to increase the capacity at Antalya Port, Mayor Bahar said, "Our priority is to address issues such as developing cruise tourism, coordinating transportation between the port - airport and the city center, providing railway transportation to our city, and initiating solution-oriented studies." Mayor Bahar stated that the prices are higher than Izmir and Mersin ports, there is no railway connecting Antalya to the provinces, and the physical conditions of the port are not sufficient, which are effective in not actively using the port.


ATSO President Ali Bahar and the accompanying ATSO delegation made their Ankara contacts with the Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. He continued with Ömer Bolat. In the meeting room where Minister Bolat and his bureaucrats were present, Mayor Bahar started the meeting by conveying the problems identified by the Antalya business world and ATSO members, and stated the problems regarding the use of credit cards, the obligation to have a lawyer, the 250 thousand TL capital limit and the problems experienced regarding the Schengen Visa, and stated that there are problems in the retail sector. unfair competition, problems related to e-commerce, motor vehicle trade, collective workplaces project, demands for fair supports, supports for health tourism, housing sales to foreigners and nightly rental problem, increasing regional competitiveness, effective use of airlines, maritime logistics capacity and He conveyed 13 urgent problems under the main headings of improving transportation, strengthening and expanding the railway infrastructure. President Bahar noted that they are working on creating collective workplaces in Antalya and said, “Bringing our members and workplaces together will accelerate the logistics and supply process. "This will contribute to the savings of our business world by increasing our regional added value economically," he said. Minister of Commerce Prof. stated that he will support the collective workplaces project. Dr. Ömer Bolat said, “We prefer the cooperative approach regarding collective workplaces. "Cooperate and give me information, I will be behind you until the end on this issue," he said.