Many Companies and Visitors Came Together at the Building Catalog Dialogue Event

Many Companies and Visitors Came Together at the Building Catalog Dialogue Event
Many Companies and Visitors Came Together at the Building Catalog Dialogue Event

📩 22/03/2023 11:02

Many companies and visitors from different sectors came together with the “Dialogue” event organized as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Building Catalogue, Turkey's first and only material catalogue.

Apart from the company stands, the event hosted various concepts such as workshops, panels, a design corner and an award ceremony. DKM Construction and Consultancy, which is among the participants, drew attention to two big problems with both the panel session on earthquake and seismic protection areas, which are the most important topic of the country's agenda, and the promotional animations of the products it produces in accordance with the principle of upcycling.

During the event, DKM İnşaat ve Danışmanlık developed 'new dialogues' with the architect mass, which constitutes the majority of the visitors, on the products produced in accordance with the upcycling principle in the fields of sound insulation, vibration control and seismic protection, in accordance with the concept of the event. Believing that adopting the principle of upcycling has now become a necessity, and continuing its R&D and P&D studies in order to use the world's limited resources much more efficiently, DKM İnşaat did not hesitate to repeat to its visitors that it aims to strengthen the foundations of this understanding in the construction sector.

Panel excitement of DKM İnşaat on the 2nd day of the event!

İZODER & TAKDER Member of the Board of Directors – DKM Construction Co-founder Volkan Dikmen, moderated by Dr. Instructor The panel session on 'Earthquake-Resistant Structure Design' with the participation of Member Fatih Sütçü and İZODER Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ertuğrul Şen attracted great attention.

Visitors who filled the panel hall received valuable information from experts in their fields. Curiosities were answered one by one in the question and answer section. After the session, DKM Construction and Consulting Founding Partner Volkan Dikmen said, 'Thank you for your interest and support. We have a lot to talk about on this subject. In order not to repeat what happened, we will continue to work with both our own experience and the contributions of our valuable experts in order to create a common awareness.