Nature Cleaning in Kecioren
06 Ankara

Nature Cleaning in Keçiören

Cleaning work was carried out in rural areas in the district by Keçiören Municipality. The 'Keçiören Municipality Nature Cleaning Team', which cleans the areas in Kösrelik, Sarıbeyler, Çalseki and Güzelyurt villages of Keçiören, collects the wastes left on the roadsides. [more…]

Ways to Make Naughty's Hearts

Ways to Conquer the Naughty People

If you have a small child; Whether it's your own child, your nephew, your cousin or another child you love very much, if you want to make them happy, you're in the right place. As we all know, we live in the age of technology and [more…]

Curious About HPV Vaccine

Questions About the HPV Vaccine

From Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Op. Dr. Bilgi Gökcan gave information about the HPV vaccine. Answering the question of who can apply the HPV vaccine, Op. Dr. Bilgi Gökcan, “The cervix [more…]

Togg TX Ready to Meet with the User
16 Bursa

Togg T10X is Ready to Meet the User

Togg is preparing to introduce the T2022X, which it has downloaded from the mass production line, on 29 October Republic Day, 10. Taking firm steps forward in line with its plans, Togg announced the price of its first smart device that will meet with users as of the end of March, [more…]