Chain Markets in Bursa

Chain Markets in Bursa under the Scrutiny
Chain Markets in Bursa

Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams have increased their inspections of chain markets after the increase in complaints from citizens about 'exorbitant prices' in recent days. Within the scope of joint work with the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Commerce; In the last 1 month, 150 workplaces and chain markets were audited, and in 2022 1656 workplaces were audited.

Due to the increase in complaints that there are exorbitant prices for various product items in chain markets and that there are differences between the prices of the department and the safe, the police teams accelerated their inspections. In addition to the joint work with the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Commerce, the Consumer Rights Police Department, which was established under the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, carries out continuous inspections in the mentioned businesses, especially in the chain markets, with '3 teams'. In the works, label, avoidance of sale, shelf and case price difference inspections are carried out 'according to the law numbered 6502'; If a violation is detected, legal action is taken and the matter is reported to the Provincial Directorate of Commerce.

Working nonstop not only in the city center but also in 17 districts, the teams have prepared an unfair price increase inspection report for 180 products in 770 workplaces and chain markets in the last month. The prepared minutes were sent to the Provincial Directorate of Commerce for examination.

During 2022, 1656 workplaces have been inspected and action has been taken against 983 complaints. While determination report was prepared for 282 workplaces in total; Unjustified price increase inspection report for 1762 products, price label control for 9494 products, case section difference inspection for 10173 products, and VAT inspection for 9428 products were carried out. Besides; A report was drawn up regarding the avoidance of 47 sales and the absence of 44 tariffs, and the documents were sent to the Provincial Directorate of Commerce for the necessary examination.

In addition to routine inspections, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality police teams also carry out instant inspections regarding complaints received via the Alo 153 line.

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