'Conference on Good Practices in Teaching Turkish' to be Organized

Best Practices in Turkish Teaching Conference to be Held
'Conference on Good Practices in Teaching Turkish' to be Organized

The Ministry of National Education will organize a “Conference on Good Practices in Turkish Teaching” between 14-16 February 2023 in Istanbul.

The conference, which will be organized by the Ministry of National Education, will be based on the activities to be carried out for language education in the “2023 Presidential Annual Program” and the suggestions regarding the dissemination of Turkish teaching practices in the “Workshop on Teaching Turkish in Turkey and in the World” held on September 26-29.

The conference, which is planned to be attended by the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, aims to identify and disseminate original and effective good practices in Turkish teaching developed by the teachers within the Ministry, and to determine in-class training contents produced in accordance with current technological advances.

Speakers specialized in the field of language education, teachers and students who make a difference with their good practices in the field will attend the conference with the projects they have prepared in this field.

At the conference, the themes of "teaching Turkish as a mother tongue and a foreign language, communicative language activities and strategies, material development and evaluation, measurement and evaluation, digital learning and technologies, and learner autonomy within the scope of teaching bilinguals and Turkish speakers" will be discussed.

Good practices prepared by teachers working in the field of teaching Turkish will be subjected to a two-stage evaluation process by the conference evaluation and organization committees.

As a result of this evaluation, best practice examples to be presented at the conference will be selected. Selected good practices will be presented at the conference, where teachers, academics, students and relevant personnel of the Ministry from all over the country will participate. Applications for good practice, which started on November 15, will end tomorrow.

University level students, one of the most important stakeholders of the conference, will make a poster presentation on their work in the field of language education. Academics from different universities will guide these students.

Other details of the conference can be found on the website “turkce.meb.gov.tr”.

61 accepted best practices were presented at the conference

The “Conference on Good Practices in Language Education” was held on 16-18 May 2022 by the Ministry. A total of 530 applications were made from different provinces and school types across Turkey from different provinces and school types across Turkey from the fields of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Russian. Teachers presented 61 accepted best practices at the conference, which lasted for three days, and 23 students who attended the conference with poster presentations also exhibited their work. While the presentations made at the conference were recorded professionally, they were made available to the education community through the relevant online platforms of the Ministry.

On the other hand, the final report of the "Teaching Turkish in Turkey and in the World Workshop", where the main issues and solution proposals on teaching Turkish as a mother tongue and foreign language, teaching it to bilinguals and teaching to Turkish nobility are discussed, and strategies that will guide the policies of institutions from an academic point of view are also presented. It is scheduled to be announced this month.

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