Family and Social Services Institute Establishment

Family and Social Services Institute is Established
Family and Social Services Institute Establishment

Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, stated that it is important to carry out research and policy development activities through a specialized institute and said, “We will organize a meeting to strengthen the current work of our Ministry and to contribute to the construction of new social work activities to be planned on solid foundations, to develop academic publications and social policy recommendations. We aim to establish an institute,” he said.

Minister Derya Yanık said that they carry out many social service and social aid activities in order to protect and strengthen family integrity and increase social welfare throughout the country.

Noting that research, development and intervention programs make important contributions to increasing social welfare, Minister Yanık said, “Our most important priority is to strengthen the current work of our Ministry and to contribute to the building of new planned social service activities on solid foundations. In this context, we aim to establish an institute for data generation, research and policy development activities to be carried out through a single specialized center.”

“Developing new social service models is among our primary goals”

Emphasizing that the main topics of the institute will be social aid policies with family, women, children, disabled, elderly, relatives of martyrs and veterans, Minister Yanık noted that they will work both to produce social policy and to transform the policies produced into social work.

Minister Derya Yanık stated that they plan to conduct data-based scientific research in the field of social work activities, to analyze the effectiveness of projects and services, and to develop new social work models, adding, "We also aim to conduct studies on making academic publications and developing social policy proposals." spoke.

“Our institute will also carry out an academy task”

Stating that experts, academicians and representatives of institutions will take part in the institute, Minister Yanık said, “We will develop training programs at the institute to increase the professional skills of our ministry personnel and ensure their specialization. Our institute, besides carrying out an academy mission, will also have multi-faceted functions such as conducting researches needed by the field, generating data, developing new service models and organizing training programs.

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