Oil Discovery in Şırnak Could Be One of the Greatest Onshore Discoveries

Oil Discovery in Sirnak Could Be One of the Biggest Discoveries on Land
Oil Discovery in Şırnak Could Be One of the Greatest Onshore Discoveries

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said, “When we explain it, you will see that it may be one of the greatest discoveries made on land in the recent period. We need a little more time for that.” said.

Minister Dönmez made evaluations about the agenda in the “Face to Face” program of 24 TV.

Speaking about the oil exploration activities in Şırnak, Minister Dönmez said that seismic researches have been intensified in those regions for about a year.

Noting that oil exploration could not be done safely due to security reasons, Dönmez said, "Thank God, we have now done our seismic research and drilled in the regions where our soldiers and security personnel have cleared terror there. We have a daily production of around 1200-1300 barrels in four wells in and around Gabar Mountain in Şırnak. We aim to increase the number of wells to 10 or more there.” he said.

Pointing out that the seismic studies carried out in another part of Gabar Mountain are about to be completed, Dönmez said:

“We will do our exploratory drillings there, we are hopeful. Some numbers are pronounced, but we do not want to explain without clarification. Because when we pronounce a number, we need to be sure of its accuracy, but we are hopeful, frankly, let me say it. You will see when we explain, it may be one of the greatest discoveries made on land in the recent period. We need a little more time for this. Let's wait a little longer. We will hopefully announce it when the works are completed.”

Dönmez reminded that the region was named after Martyr Esma Çevik and said, “There is currently production in 4 wells. Drilling in the fifth well has been completed. Friends will take it to production. Our daily production there is currently around 5 thousand, 6 thousand barrels. So how much is Turkey's total production? We produce 1200 thousand barrels of oil per day from 65 wells. How many more wells can we drill after the reserve determination studies for this field are completed? Our friends will look into it.” used his statements.

Noting that the production figures in the first 5 wells may increase, Dönmez said, “The quality of the oil is also quite good. Therefore, we need to concentrate a little more in that area. We directed our drilling teams to that area. Hopefully they will complete their work. Afterwards, we will share the figures regarding this reserve with the public.” said.

Minister Dönmez pointed out that a statement could be made at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year, after the work on the reserve is completed.

Yusufeli will meet the electricity of 2,5 million people

Referring to the recently commissioned Yusufeli Dam, Minister Dönmez said, “Right now, it has started to hold water. Yusufeli Dam has an installed capacity of 568 megawatts. It will be able to produce around 1,7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.” said.

Dönmez underlined that Yusufeli will start the first generation at the end of May and will be commissioned by Elektrik Üretim A. It will have an annual income of around 2,5 billion liras.” he said.

Pointing out that the money spent on the relocation of the region, six buildings and residences in Yusufeli due to the dam is approximately 35 billion liras, Minister Dönmez said that the project will pay for itself in 7 years.

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