Why and How Did Musician Onur Şener Die? Who is Onur Şener, how old was he?

Why and How Musician Onur Sener Became Who Is Onur Sener How Old Was He
Why and How Musician Onur Şener Died Who is Onur Şener, How Old Was He

In an entertainment venue in Ankara's Çankaya district, three people attacked the musician Onur Şener, whom they had been discussing on the grounds that he did not know the song they requested. Şener, who was seriously injured by the blows he received, died in the hospital. After the news of the musician's death, "Who is the musician Onur Şener, why and how did he die?" questions arose.

Who is Onur Şener, how old was he?

It is said that Onur Şener, a musician, was born in 1977. Onur Şener, who graduated from the Turkish Education Association (TED) in 1995, continued his career with his beloved music. His path crossed with O Ses Türkiye and Acun Ilıcalı in 2013. Onur Şener, who is remembered with the song "Show Must Go On" in O Ses Türkiye, also made a duet with Hadise. While Şener's voice was highly appreciated, he took the stage in many venues over the years. It is known that the young musician is married and has a daughter.

Why and How Did Musician Onur Şener Die?

The incident happened last night, at an entertainment venue in the Çayyolu district of Çankaya district, 3 people had an argument with the musician Onur Şener, who sang the song they requested in a different style. AG, SS and İ.K., who work in public institutions who came to the entertainment venue with their two female friends, injured Onur Şener with bottles they broke after he left the venue. Şener died in the hospital where he was taken.

AG (36), SS (36) and İ.K. (35) made a request to the musician Onur Şener (45), who was on stage at that time. After the soloist Onur Şener sang the song in a karaoke style, İ.K. insisted that he sing the song in the way he wanted without doing the karaoke. Thereupon, Şener told İ.K. not to interfere in his work. After this dialogue, three members of the group began to verbally argue with the musician, and the discussion grew into a fight. The fight between venue employees and customers was ended.

Around the closing hours of the entertainment venue, the same group attacked Onur Şener, who was leaving his workplace to go home. 3 people battered Şener with glass bottles in their hands. Upon the notice of the citizens who saw the incident, the police teams separated the fight. Şener, who was seriously injured with glass pieces in his throat and face and was sent to the hospital, died despite all the interventions.

Ankara Police Department Public Security Branch Homicide Bureau teams detained 3 suspects in connection with the incident. It was learned that Onur Şener, who lost his life, will be buried in Ankara this afternoon.

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