Mercedes-Benz Türk Started to Offer the Third Generation of the OM 471 Engine in Its Trucks

Mercedes Benz Turk Started to Present the Third Generation of OM Engine in Its Trucks
Mercedes-Benz Türk Started to Offer the Third Generation of the OM 471 Engine in Its Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Turk started to offer the new generation of the OM 471 engine, which set the standards with the previous two generations, on its trucks as of October. With its many features that increase efficiency and performance, the new generation OM 471 will be able to respond to the demands of both vehicle owners and drivers.

higher fuel efficiency

Daimler Truck engineers made many innovations in the engine to increase the efficiency of the third generation of the OM 471. In this context; The geometry of the piston recess, the injection nozzle design and the gas exchange parameters of the cylinder head were subjected to optimization. With these innovations, the compression ratio of the inline six-cylinder engine was increased. This increase results in more efficient combustion with a maximum ignition pressure of 250 bar.

Turbo optimization is one of the most important ways to increase fuel efficiency in modern diesel internal combustion engines. In its third generation, the OM 471 is equipped with two new turbochargers developed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which can be fully adapted to the wide range of customer requirements. In the consumption-optimized version, the lowest possible fuel consumption is aimed. Compared to the previous generation, the maximum fuel economy of the new OM 471 is up to 4 percent at lower and middle performance levels, and up to 3,5 percent at higher performance levels. Thanks to lower fuel consumption, it is possible to reduce both operating costs and CO2 emissions.

In the previous generations of the OM 471 engine, the maximum torque of the engine is increased by 12 Nm in the 330th and 350th gear stages of the G281-12 Powershift automated gearbox with the third generation Top Torque feature, which was only available in the 7th gear, and in the 12 and 200 kW power options. If the vehicle is used in economy driving mode, 4 percent fuel saving is achieved, and if it is used in standard or power driving mode, up to 3 percent fuel saving is achieved.

OM Engine

Newly developed exhaust gas aftertreatment system helps improve fuel efficiency

The EGR, which has been completely renewed and adapted to the new internal combustion and control system of the OM 471, also helps to increase fuel efficiency. The system increases the homogeneity index of AdBlue while limiting the back pressure. All these processes not only improve NOx conversion, but also reduce fuel consumption.

High driving dynamics thanks to PowerShift Advanced

Focus on the third generation of the OM 471; Besides profitability, robustness and reliability, driving dynamics was another important factor for customers. For example, the new PowerShift Advanced automatic transmission control provides faster and smoother starting and acceleration in many situations thanks to precise gear selection. Thanks to faster gear changes, torque downtime is reduced by up to 40 percent in the upper range. The accelerator pedal geometry was also optimized in this context. The increased sensitivity of the lower pedal travel provides significantly more precise manoeuvring, while the direct response time of the upper pedal travel provides greater dynamism under high load requirements. It also makes it easier to drive and accelerate on winding roads.

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